When Using Scrivenings is it possible to have the Title of the docs appear?

When I view several pieces of text together using the Scrivenings view I have the line between each piece of text and it shows the title of the current piece of text in the title bar, but is there a way to have that title also print between the actual text documents? It seems it should be because the preferences gives you options for how the Screenings title appears, but when I select several pieces of text I don’t get a title between each of them. I do writing that involves a number of headings and sub-headings and it would be great to be able to view all the text for an entire chapter with the headings between each scriverner document if that makes sense.

This is a per-project setting instead of a global default. Use the Format/Options/Show Titles in Scrivenings menu command to toggle them on, and the bottom of the Formatting preference pane to set up how they look.

Perfect - thank you so much.