When will Custom Meta-Data be available?

I’m a brand-new user of Scrivener. I want to use it mainly to keep track of characters, time frames, etc. in a series. One of the main reasons I bought Scrivener was for Custom Meta-Data, and I’ve just discovered (through the the “Differences Between the Mac and Windows Versions” article) that it’s not yet available on the Windows version! :frowning: Can you give me any idea when it will be available?

We don’t give out estimates for things like this, because we’d rather get them done right than have to hit a deadline and hope for the best. Given that this is an extended feature not critical to the core operation of the software, I wouldn’t expect it to be “soon”. Take a look at Keywords. Those can often do a lot more than you might suspect at first glance. Character tracking in particular is something I’d say they are better for than custom fields, since you presumably have a somewhat limited pool of characters that get repeatedly assigned to scenes, rather than values that are likely to change for each and every scene. That’s something your timing would better benefit from a dedicated column. Before Scrivener users had custom meta-data, they would often use the first line of their index card synopsis for timing info. Some would use the title of the scene itself, if they are meant to not be visible in the final output. There are lots of handy places to stash information in the program.