When will Scrivener 2.x be available for Windows?

Is there a projected date when Scrivener 2.x will be available for Windows?

Hmmm… there are few ways to interpret your question, so apologies if I miss yours.

“When will Lit’n’Lat make the decision to change the version numbering from 1.x to 2.x, thus making it a paid rather than free upgrade?”
I personally hope not for quite some time!

“When will Scriv for Windows have feature [x]?”
Depends on the feature, of course, but Lit’n’Lat tend not to publish when new features will be released (unless you count beta versions as advance notice). Chances are, though, that it will be possible to achieve what you are looking for another way in the program… it’s quite flexible.

“When will Scriv for Windows have feature parity with the Mac version?”
Possibly never! The Mac development effort isn’t on pause while the Windows version ‘catches up’ and so has new tweaks, adjustments and new features incorporated all the time. Likewise, the Windows version has certain features not available on the Mac: translated interfaces into other languages, for example.

My suggestion? Don’t worry too much about the future; WinScriv is a feature-laden and highly productive piece of software as it is at the moment. Look at the updates as unexpected gifts and bonuses.