When you compile, does it export or change draft?

Hi! Probably being overly cautious here but I’m worried about compiling my document.

I’m in draft 4 of my book and I want some people to read it over to check the plot before I continue to edit the book further. I’ve read the manual, but not sure if I understand what happens to the original file after I compile it into an ebook. Will I still be able to edit my book after I compile? Or will compiling the file into an ebook make it impossible to edit later?

Should I save it with another file name to ensure I can still edit?

Thank you for any help - just want someone to ease my mind,

When you compile it is like an export. You “print” the text to the format and layout you want. The project itself isn’t changed at all. You can compile to lots of different formats from the same project.

If you haven’t, take a look at what the interactive tutorial says about Compile. It’s easier to understand than the manual. It’s foun under Help.

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Thank you so much! I will go check out the interactive tutorial now.