Where am I? Place in long manuscript

I’m editing a long manuscript, and while Scrivener tells me at the bottom how many words are in it, it doesn’t (as far as I can see) tell me where I am in it now. Is there any way to set up this view? Or am I just not seeing it?

You mean such as far down you are in the text? That’s what the scrollbar has traditionally been used for. It’s not only a control for moving the text around, but a visual gauge of how far down you are in the document—and by judging it size, how long the document is.

If you want some quantification though, you could try turning on the Ruler ([b]Format/Show Ruler[/b]), and then enable the paragraph counter option, ([b]Format/Options/Show Line Numbers with Ruler[/b]).

Thanks, AmberV, that’s exactly what I want.

Though the odd thing is that there’s no scrollbar showing in either the original view or this new one with the ruler. And while it shows what line I’m on, in a strange way (143 and 144 close to each other, then 145 five or eight lines down, and so on), this isn’t a lot of good to me since I don’t know how many lines are in the document.

Are you on Lion? The scrollbar can now be set to fade out unless your mouse is over it (which is probably the default). Check your options in the General tab of System Preferences and you can change it to always show.

It didn’t seem to be the default, but I’ve set it so.

Still no way to see exactly where I am in a document, unfortunately.

What exactly are you after? You could try turning on Page View mode so you’d get a “page x of y” in the footer. How much that actually means depends on how you have your page view settings–if they match your compile settings pretty closely, then a page in the editor will roughly match a page when you compile, although each section that you’re working with will start in the editor as a new page and the count starts at zero, so it’s only relative to that document, not to your entire compiled manuscript. (You can play with this a little more though and view everything in Scrivenings to better emulate your compiled draft.) That may not be as important to you as just the placement in the editor in that section, in which case “Page 2 of 9” is probably enough to give you an idea of where you are.

Ah, that works perfectly, and toggles on and off. Thank you, MM.