Where are auto-complete words stored?

Hi, Keith, et. al.!

I’m putting together a style guide for my novel, and trying to simplify the process. I’ve found the LocalDictionary file, so all of the words I’ve added to the spelling dictionary are available for copying and pasting into the guide.

I’ve looked for the auto-complete list in both of the Mac OS Library folders, under Application Support and Preferences; I’ve also cracked open the contents of Scrivener.app and examined various .plist files and such – all to no avail.

I’m guessing the file is specific to Scrivener or the project, since it’s not a function of Mac OS’s text conversion service.

Can you provide a file location?

And it would be nice to have a way to export both of these lists somehow – I’ll add that under Feature Requests.


And for those of you who’d like to know, in Mac OS the LocalDictionary file containing your user-added spelling dictionary words located here:

Macintosh HD/users/[your username]/Library/Spelling/LocalDictionary

On most Macs, the Library folder for each user is hidden. To open it, pull down the Finder menu “Go” while holding the Option key down. Then select Library, and it will take you straight there.

(Be sure that Scrivener is closed before you do this, just in case.)

If you double-click the LocalDictionary file, it should open in Text Editor, the plain-text editor that comes with Mac OS.

If you want to delete a word, just delete it including the return character, so there’s not a blank line.

You can also directly add a word on its own line.

When you’re done, just save the file. To make sure the spelling dictionary is reloaded into Mac OS memory, you’ll need to log out an then back in again.

The auto-complete list is saved directly in the project’s .scrivx file. If you open that in an XML editor and search for , you’ll be able to select and copy everything, though it will need a little clean up.

Thanks, Jennifer!

Amber also mentioned this in another thread. I should have copied that over here.

Yep, copying and pasting from the XML and then grepping out the tags will probably be quicker than dragging and dropping individual list entries into a document.

Thanks again…