Where are Document Notes and Meta-Data Stored?

I’m experimenting with some things in Scrivener. I’ve saved a sync folder and can see all the .rtf files from Draft and Notes but I can’t see where items like “document notes” and “meta-data” are stored. I’d like to change these outside of the Scrivener app.

Is this possible?

There isn’t an automatic way of doing that. Using the File/Export/Files… command, there are some options for backing up most meta-data for each file, and so using that you can gain access to your notes, even labels and snapshots. That won’t sync though, that would probably be too complicated to handle using simple files like this.

Thanks- I had a look and yes, it’s possible to export meta-data and notes etc.

But where are these saved inside the package?

Let’s say I’m working on my draft outside of scrivener. I’m reading, editing and note taking. I want my notes to appear in the “document notes” section (Inspector) rather than in the Drafts Folder. Is there a way to do this?

They are saved in a variety of places, most meta-data is stored directly in the .scrivx file where the item itself is described. Document notes are stored alongside their main numbered RTF files in the Files/Docs sub-folder. Of course you shouldn’t be messing with these files directly under normal circumstances.

Yes, but again, not automatically. I type my notes in at the bottom of the main text file, with a line of hyphens to separate them, and when I get back home I’d cut and paste this text into the Notes pane as needed and delete the dashed line. Another thing you can do for shorter notes is make use of the {{Curly braces as inline annotations}} feature, which you may need to enable in the Import/Export preference pane.