Where are my old Scratch Pad notes


I have made a couple of notes on the Scratch Pad on my desktop. Today, I’m in the British Library working on my laptop and just added a note using Scratch Pad. It’s the same project, but there are no other notes visible in Scratch Pad. Have I lost them, or are they hidden away somewhere? Thanks, Jim

Scratch Pad notes are global, so they aren’t saved within the project folder. The default location is C:\Users\YourUserName\Scrivener ScratchPad, but you can change this in the General section of Tools > Options. If you want to share scratch pad notes between computers, you’ll need to point this on both computers to a shared folder in Dropbox or the like, somewhere both machines can access.

So nothing’s missing, it’s just that currently your desktop’s scratch pad notes are only on the desktop, and your laptop’s are only on the laptop.

Thanks; that makes things clearer, although I would prefer to keep them in sync via Dropbox, as I do for all my other Scrivener files. I’ve moved the default folder, as you suggest, which should take care of the problem.