Where are my old templates


I’ve just upgraded to v1.1 and when I went to use a template to start a new project they’ve gone :frowning: What’s happened to them?

Don’t you just hate it when an upgrade comes along and undoes all the hard work you did to make life simpler? :wink:

It’s alright I’ve found them!

It would be good if in future upgrades they were imported automatically.

Please see the readme file - this is explained there. Glad you found them.

EDIT: I just realised that if you went through the automatic update you wont’ see the readme. D’oh! I’ll put a note in the update notes so that people will see what they need to do.

As for updates undoing your hard work - I have spent months and months of hard work on this update and believe that you will find it much more stable and packed with tweaks that make it a better experience over all.

Missed smiley alert!! :wink:

You need to take the rest of the day off. You’ve been working too hard. :laughing:

I’ve been using Scrivener for a few months now and I really appreciate how it makes it so much easier to pull together the various parts of a monthly newsletter I edit.

Thanks for the hard work you put into making this superb app. 8)

You’re right, I have been working too hard today. :slight_smile: It’s been a massive effort getting it out the door. Your heads up was very useful, though, as it means that I’ve been able to put a note at the top of the release notes that appear in the update which should save other users the same trouble.

Thanks for your kinds words about Scrivener.


Keith, so far so good on the update but now for a dumb question that wasn’t answered in the help file. I now have a folder with a litle text icon attached to it in the lower right. What does that signify?

Regards, Paul

It means the folder has some text associated with it - the same way normal document icons suddenly fill up with words when you type content into them. If the folder automatically opens in corkboard mode when you click on it, click the corkboard menubar button (i.e. to toggle the view) to see the text associated with the folder.

Great, thanks.

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Folders with the text icon indicate that the folder contains its own text, as well as acting as a folder (folders can have their own text, just like a text document).

If you read the Help section regarding the binder, all the icons are explained.


I did read it but it never showed that particular icon, unless I goofed when I read it and missed it.

If I remember correctly, there is a table in there that shows the different icon versions…

i.e. Standard | With Text etc. for Folder, Document Stack, Document…

It may have changed since I last looked, however.


Okay, now I am confused. I clicked on the particular folder icon with the text icon attached to it, and it opened in cork board and I saw the text on an index card. Good, however, when I tried to add text to another folder’s cork board index card I never recieved the same icon. What confuses me? NO flames please.

The index card you see in the editor when you click on a folder is not the folder itself. What you’re looking at there is the contents of the folder, i.e. any documents inside the folder, represented as index cards on a corkboard.

Every document in Scrivener, even folders, can contain text as well as other documents inside it. To see the text in a folder’s own text field, click the corkboard icon to switch off the corkboard view. You will then be looking at the text of the folder itself.

You don’t get the same icon appear when you add text to an index card inside a folder because the index card is a different document, contained within the folder. It is not the text of the folder itself.

Um, okay I did exactly that. I switched off the corkboard view and all I got was a big fat nothing. I saw no text and it said 0 words and 0 chars. I don’t see any text? Now what? Or am I just stoopid?

I did a test with another folder and sure enough, as soon as I started typing text it showed that cool little text-on-the-folder icon. But when I backspaced it all the text icon disappeared but when I tried to delete any invisible spaces with the other folder nothing happened.

Okay, how about this? It is NOT a little text icon on the original, it is an index card. It CHANGES to text when I enter text into it. I hope I am not being too much of a pain.

At least I am changing my sigs just for fun. I like famous quotes.

Okay, enough annoyances, I figured it out through trial & error.



Yep, that’s as it should be. Index card = synopsis only, lines on page = contains text in editor :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat. I know I read the update notes but there was too much info there for my brain. And now I can’t find the update notes again. Where are they kept?

If you look on the main Scrivener product page, you’ll find a link to the release notes beneath the sidebar on the right, towards the bottom.