Where are my templates saved that I create for Scrivener 3.0

I have found the templates folder for Scrivener supplied templates, but cannot find the templates I have created. I dont like that I lose my templates when reinstalling and would like to keep a copy on a data drive. The templates say it is in the application library and the only reference I see for that in help is for Mac. Nothing comes up in a search for any of the words claimed as its location.

There is an option to view the Application folder in the File menu:
Screenshot (308)

(guessing here, not at pc)

If your talking about Document Templates, you probably have to drag those into your new Project.

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Note if have Scapple and Scrivener will find in app data for user under Litererture and Latte and will see templates there. I copy and save in folder on dropbox and call templates so can access from any computer/tablet/etc using program. (windows)

On Windows, user templates are usually saved in:

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You can also export each template individually for sharing on another computer, using the “Export Selected Template…” command.

If you have a lot of customized templates, it may be time-consuming to get them all that way. But, if you remember to use it after you’re reasonably sure that you’ll reuse a custom template, you’ll have them all handy if you need to reinstall Scrivener later.