Where are 'pins'?

I see people talking about ‘pins’ for use with the corkboard index cards, but again, I can’t find any reference in the Help, or in Take Control of Scrivener…? At least, in Help there’s “show pins”, but selecting that doesn’t do anything.

Maelduin, try Help > Scrivener Manual - at least five references (pages 15, 103, 239, 408 and 444 in my copy), which make plain what they do and how to display them. (I’m assuming you’re using Scrivener’s version 2.2.)

It does and it doesn’t, Hugh. It says to go to Appearance and Colour Settings. I can’t find this anywhere. It doesn’t really treat on what the pins are best used for and how to invoke them.

Oh, wait, I’ve found this in the Preferences, in the Corkboard tab. But “position pins” is greyed out.

Ah, got it. The cards were set as ‘rounded’ and when I unchecked this the pins option became available.

Thanks for directing me to the manual. I must go through all 400 or so pages some time.

Glad to help. Personally, I don’t think going through all 400 pages is necessary - for going through, the Tutorial is enough (perhaps more than once). But I do think the Manual is a very useful work of reference, made all the more useful by the Search function of Preview. (Having spent much of my working life writing long documents to short order, I found the speed, rigour and attention to detail with which it was produced most impressive; it’s a Scrivener asset.)

Yes, it’s a good manual, and I’m now also taking a look at the Tutorial. Thanks for your help, Hugh.