Where are Scrivener files saved?

I back up by firewiring new work back and forth from my MacBook to my iMac. Yesterday I used a Spotlight search and couldn’t find the latest version of my WIP on the hard drive of my laptop. I firewired the latest dated over to the iMac, but it was an older version–all my brilliant revisions lost. Finally I did an Export Draft of my latest and copied that.

It would help to know where Scrivener stores the stuff it automatically saves every couple of seconds.

Everything is stored right in the project file. If you do not know where that is, you can Command-click on the name of the project in the title bar from within Scrivener, and it will pop up a little list showing its location. Auto-save simply commits the changes you make right into the project file. These are not stored separately as that would really slow the program down.

Creating complete copies of your project for back-up purposes is highly recommended. You can easily do this by periodically pressing Cmd-Shift-S. If you don’t mind the default name, you can back up your project very quickly this way. I like to use the automatic zip archive function, as that saves a lot of space in the long run. This is an especially a good idea if you transfer your project around between Macs. It is all to easy to accidentally blow away a day’s work by moving the wrong copy.