Where Are Templates Located in Windows?

Hi, I’ve tried a few of the betas, and just purchased the 1.xx version of Windows Scrivener. Very excited!

How and where do I put the unzipped files from the NaNoWriMo free templates? The only instructions I’ve found a pretty vague – sort of like, put stuff anywhere you’d like. Maybe not that vague, but not very helpful.

  1. I want the template where ever the other Windows Scrivener templates are stored so it’s available year-around.

  2. I want the NaNoWriMo compile options where ever they need to be to be available year-round.

Very confusing to someone who’s unaccustomed to Mac stuff and/or Scrivener.

Thanks for any info, suggestions, etc.!


I wouldn’t say this is handled in a Mac-like fashion, we’re just following the Windows convention for support material here. Custom templates will be stored in your user …\AppData\Local\Scrivener\ProjectTemplates folder. However there is no need to muck about with going into invisible folders to add a template you downloaded. Just use the Options... button on the template selection window to install a template file into the system. That will put it in the right spot for you; so indeed where you put the downloaded file doesn’t matter. You can erase it once you install it. For the compile preset, use the Load... button in the expanded compile window to enter the preset management interface where you can import compile presets.

Thanks, Amber, that was helpful.

Next question – where do I put the NaNoWriMoNovel.ini file?


That is the compile preset, as mentioned above. If you don’t see the load button then click the blue arrow to expand the interface.

Ah, yes. Of course, I see that now. Got it. Thanks again.

Learning fun new terminology here! Good for the old brain.


You’re welcome! For the tips and the brain teasers. :slight_smile:

Re: Differences Between the Mac and Windows Versions

The posting of differences between Mac and Windows says:

“No concept of “document templates” in the Windows version (thus no “New From Template” feature).”

Is that why my “Template Sheets” folder is empty? I was interested in using a template to prepare character sketches, but it looks like I’ll have to make up my own. OR … am I missing something?

The “Novel Format” text at the beginning says:
Character and setting sketch sheets have been provided which can be used for filling out information about the people and places in your novel. These are located in the “Template Sheets” folder.

But, there’s nothing in the Template Sheets folder.

Otherwise, loving Scrivener…

Uh oh. I stumbled upon the character template in the editor using the little top bar icon and GO TO …from the drop down menu.

Hmm, that’s strange. I definitely have some sample documents in there, using the Novel starter. Are you using the latest version of the program (and did you uninstall the beta fully before installing the latest version)?

Update: You should be able to just click on that Template Sheets folder in the binder (it’s way down at the bottom) too. You don’t have to use the Go To menu.

Right, I think the Templates folder isn’t expanded in the default template settings, but if you click the little triangle disclosure button to the left of the folder (I think this is a “+” sign in XP), it will expand to show the contents; there’s a Character sheet and a Setting sheet there.