Where are the default icons?

Sorry if this has been asked before, the search for “icons” delivers a -zillion founds …

I would like to weed out the icons submenu of Scrivener a bit. There are a lot icons I will never use, plus I have created some of my own I would like to use without scrolling a list too long. But – I can’t find the default icons! Not in Library/Application Support/Scrivener/icons, not in the package itself … Where are they?? Where do I have to fiddle around on my own risk?

Thanks in advance.

I think if you right click on the program icon and go to Contents / Resources you’ll find them there. At least, there seem to be loads of tiffs in there.


That’s where I looked second. Yes, there are a lot of images. No, the icons are not among them.

How about Contents / Resources / Default Support Folder / Icons?

Dang! Yes. Thank you.

My pleasure!