Where are the edges to this thing?!

Not sure if this is some sort of record – I rather doubt it – but I just wanted to say that at 2.58GB and 1171 files in the package, my Scrivener 2.0 project is juggling like an absolute dream. One observation: I find the keywords panel fiddly so I just paste internals and Zotero references into the notes pane. For this reason alone, I’d like the option to increase the number of notes panels. (I know, I know, this is like saying “I’d like it to make me a cup of tea”…)
Thank you, Keith.

Glad it’s working well!

Regarding notes panels - you can have multiple project notes, but not document notes (and there are no plans to add the latter, sorry!).

All the best,

Hang on, multiple project notes? Of course! That works! That’ll do the trick. Bloomin’ heck Keith, this is good.
Now, about the tea…

If there were to be beverages, it would be beer. :slight_smile:

L&L = Literature & Lager?



I think some days it is more like Lager & Liquor, forget about the Literature.