Where are the files stored actually?


after I drag and drop a Quicktime file from my desktop into the research folder in Scrivener I wonder wether I can delete the Quicktime file from my desktop. Then I ask myself: “Uh, but what if the Scriv file in the research folder belongs to this desktop file?”

Then the question is? Where are the files in Scrivener are stored actually?



Thanks for answering, Maria. Exactly - anything imported into the binder of Scrivener is stored within the .scriv file and can be deleted from disk safely. Anything put into the “references” list in the inspector, on the other hand, is exactly that - a reference to a file on disk.
Hope that makes sense.

So it is referring to a file location, not “this is a reference file”? Perhaps I need to walk through that tutorial again…

Yes - it means it’s a reference to a file on disk (when you select a file from the Finder, that is - external references). This is as opposed to importing (or dragging) a file into the binder, which actually copies that file into the .scriv packaged.

I drug most of the files into the binder - and a couple of the PDF’s took their time. These are PDF’s created by libraries, scans of old family narratives which were originally typed or mimeographed. Many pages were scanned in upside down, yet another thing on my to-do list. Perhaps when I finish I’ll have a cleaner copy?