Where are the files?

Sorry, this is a basic qu, but where are the files? In documents? on the desk top? It’s a little weird not to be able to do a “SAVE AS” to see where it is. I’m importing a bunch of files from Word and don’t want to get the drafts mixed up!


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If you create a new project the default location is in your Documents folder. A Scrivener project is stored on disk as a package, a peculiar kind of folder that looks like a file when you view it in the Finder. Any files you import or drag into the binder are copied into the Scrivener Project. Although you can actually view the contents of a project by right-clicking on it in the Finder and choosing Show Package Contents from the resulting menu, you should just do this to reassure yourself (and refrain from mucking about in there) as by the far the best way to edit the documents you’ve imported is to use Scrivener and its binder.


As with most applications on the Mac, if you hold down Command and click on the name of the project in the Title bar (the one at the very top of the window) you will get a list which is a descending hierarchy of where your file is located. You can select any of these items from the list to open that location in the Finder.

Also, you choose the location of the project when you first create the project - make sure that you are not importing everything into the tutorial (some have made this mistake)!


actually, I might well have done that as I made the proj right after I did the tutorial…how can I tell and how do I move the files if I did?

And also, when I save, it’s being svaed in the scrivener files, not writing over the word file, right?



Yes, the files are copied into the project so your original files are unaffected.

You can tell which project you are using as it says in the window title bar at the top. If you have accidentally copied them into the Tutorial, just drag them from the binder in the Tutorial to the binder in the project you want them.