Where are the index card colour options?

Hi again! Just before downloading the new beta (049), I’d tinkered around with my corkboard appearance options in the 046 beta. I’d changed the background, and had changed the index card colour scheme through a drop-down menu with about four different combinations (the default red-blue one, a grey one, a blue-grey one and another option - I chose the blue). I really liked the way it looked, then installed the new version. I wasn’t suprised to see the changes wiped, but what did surprise me was that I didn’t find the drop-down menu for the index card colours anymore. I’m looking at Options > Corkboard, where it was previously. While I know that I can change each colour element individually in the Appearance tab, is there some way to select from “color templates” like before? I doubt I can bring together the same colours manually, and the ones available there were a lot nicer than what I could put together. Am I missing something as usual, or was this removed? :confused:

I believe the Index Card themes have been removed due to some issues with customization.