Where are the italics?

is there a way to see the italics in the the composed document itself?
When I highlight text and italicize it I see no difference. Would like to though.

What font are you using? Some fonts don’t support italics, and so you don’t get any even if you try to apply them.

I am having the same problem! This is RIDICULOUS.

Well, it’s not ridiculous if the font you are using doesn’t support italics or bold. :slight_smile: This is just the way fonts work across OS X - try creating some text in Lucida Grande in TextEdit and then italicising it - you get a beep because Lucida Grande doesn’t support italics. As I said in my reply to the thread you started, just switch to using a font that supports bold and italics and you should be good, but if you still have problems, let us know.


I was in arial unicode or something like that. Switched to Times New Roman and can see the italics.

Appreciate the help.