Where are the Moderators?

I am seeing a lot of questions and comments without seeing responses by the Scrivener “staff” or moderators. Did I miss an explanation or announcement? :question:

I think that a while back they announced a general hiatus for the holidays.
…can you imagine, taking a break from US?? :laughing:
KB answered a few queries today, so he’s in touch.

I’ve seen most of the moderators on, answering questions lately. I think part of the dearth of their responses has to do with the momentum of those of us who can’t help but poke our noses where they don’t belong. From the beginning, I gather, the forums have been full of helpful users who also keep up with what Keith and company have been telling users with similar questions, so it’s likely that Lit & Lat representatives kind of disappear under the bulk of the responses from know-it-alls like me.

And, I think, that if a question is sufficiently answered by another user, a staff member doesn’t NEED to respond. In all the successful and useful forums I have frequented, users helping users is the main way things are done.

That way moderators and staff only HAVE to answer the stuff that hasn’t been addressed, places where they feel more information is warranted, etc. The fact that they usually do chime in is always a bonus.