Where are the template files stored?

I want to do a completely clean reinstall of scrivener, so where are the template and other user files stored? Just uninstalling and reinstalling the program doesn’t seem to eliminate those files.



My template files are stored in:


and my backups are stored in:


Does that help?

That’s it, thanks!

It would be sort of rude if upgrading your copy of Scrivener demolished your carefully constructed templates, wouldn’t it?

That’s the rationale for storing them separately from the application itself.


Oh, I agree. I’m having an odd glitch where it strips my templates of any internal text, but I’ve got so much work I haven’t been able to do anything with it. I may be getting a break so I wanted to know where they were in order to do a complete reinstall from scratch.

This can happen if you’re creating your new projects in a synced or mirrored location like Dropbox or OneDrive; files can get locked when Scrivener is trying to extract the template files, causing the internal project structure ends up incorrect. We’ve fixed it for the next release, but for now you can work around it by pausing the sync temporarily when you create the project or by creating the project in a separate location and then moving it afterward.