Where can i find "row moving" function for Tables

I read that moving rows in Table is posible.
but i can’t find this option in scrivener…
Where i need to looking for?
( I have last version of Scrivener but not paid right now)

Not sure that is can add rows above or below and delete rows or add similar table above. Or make each table one row and if do at one time will look the same and cut and paste to get order you want.

AFAIK moving rows is currently not supported in the Windows version.
Add a new row at the right place.
Select the content of the row you want to move and cut the content to the clipboard.
Paste the content in the new row.
Then remove the empty row.


Could do as well. Tried to one row table without changing color then can copy/cut/paste one row at a time and move to heart’s content.