Where can I find the path of the current project file?

I take full backups of my projects and this sometimes leaves me with two versions. Occasionally I mix up the projects and have to try and compare versions. However I can’t seem to find a way to display the file path of the current open project which is very frustrating. Going to save as or open does not necessarily bring up the directory the open project is saved in. So short of running searches on the file system and comparing modified times I can’t work out a way to determine which file is actually open! Does anyone know where the current file path is? Many thanks.

Select File->Save As. It will show you the current location.

Yeah, normally that (save as) would work with most programs, but it didn’t work this time it went to the last directory I was using.

In that case, a file search for project.scrivx is probably the way to go. If file searches are slow on your machine, try installing Search Everything, which I use frequently.

Yeah, problem is I have many projects and they all have the same file name - yes I could search for all of them and then look to see which has the most recent modified date stamp, but surely there is or should be a way to determine a document’s path. For example word has the option under prepare > properties. I will add this to the wish list, but just wanted to check I hadn’t missed something. Thanks for all your replies.

Press F12 to open the Options Dialog.
Under the General tab you will see a checkbox (third one down) that will reveal the full project location in Scrivener’s title bar.

Pigfender, excellent exactly what I needed. It didn’t occur to me that there might be a check box option to do that so I’d missed it. Great stuff!!

I did one of the translations of the user interface, so I have literally read every single piece of text in every function, option and error message at least two or three times. Has to have some benefits! :smiley: