Where can I get name lists for the Name Generator

Running 3.2.2. There’s no drop down menu on the ‘+’ sign to add legacy names. Where can I find lists to add–and how do you add them? There is no “import” button either.

If you click the + icon in the lower right of the Name Generator window, it will launch a Finder window where you can select and import your own CSV file to add to the Name Generator lists. §20.3.1 of the Scrivener manual covers how to create your own lists if you’re interested in a breakdown (you can find the manual under the Help menu).

Thank you. I assume some name lists are baked into Scrivener; I’d like to be able to select appropriate ones for the project. I don’t recall ever adding Catalan names, so these had to come from somewhere. I did find a site with interesting historical names, the creator posted here but the URL listed here has changed. It’s still up, though.

Yes, the name lists that appear there are ones that come as defaults with Scrivener. You can choose which ones to include when generating names by checking or unchecking the boxes to the right of the different name list options.

Is there a way to restore the default lists? I don’t recall every checking Catalan, for example.

All of the name lists that appear there are default inclusions. You can check or uncheck which ones you would like to be included when running the generator.

I have lists of Chinese syllables that can be used in the name generator, if you are interested.