Where did "styles" go in 2.0?

First, I love the new 2.0, been using Scrivener since 2007 I think?

But can someone tell me where the “styles” went in 2.0 and how to add a new one?

In 1.5x when the cursor was on in a text window and I hit Cmd-r the ruler would appear/disappear and along with it, there was a drop-down menu which said “styles” I have several styles I use and got very used to selecting all the text and converting it.

But now that has moved somewhere else and I can’t find it :frowning:

I’m sure it’s there, but I, well, can’t seem to find it on my own! :stuck_out_tongue:

This has been discussed in the forum extensively—the only way Keith could keep up the low upgrade fee was by charging extra for the ruler and such (notice that you can get it in a value pack with italics; while underlined will be available only in the AppStore version early 2011).


You can make the ruler visible in Format/Show Ruler (and this is still set to CMD+R as a default). You might also add the Toggle Ruler button to the tool bar.

But actually the ruler isn’t any more but … a ruler!

What you are looking for is the Format Bar: Format/Show Format Bar.

On the right side of this bar you will find a “Presets” button with opens a drop-down menu of styles. They are similar to the Apple styles but not identical. So you might find this menu empty (since I have been working with the Beta for such a long time I can’t remember if it is empty when you start with 2.0).

It is not possible to just import all Apple styles into the new Scrivener styles. The easiest way is to use an old document with all the styles you use and then to turn them one by one into new Scrivener styles under Formatting/New Preset From Selection.

What’s best about these new styles is that keyboard shortcuts will work on them also in full screen mode.

Ok, thanks! Is there an easy way to edit these without basing it on a selection?

No, but that shouldn’t be seen as a limitation. Any editing interface would either probably be a stripped down version of the editor, or a palette with a hundred controls like you see in some word processors. It seems easiest to me, if you want to edit the appearance of a preset, to create a quick blank document, paste some text in, apply it, and then use the full editor interface to tweak it and update the preset from that.