Where did the word count go?

I used to see the word count on the bottom of each text file. Now I don’t.
How can I get it back?

Are you in Script Mode? I don’t think the word count shows on the status bar when in Script mode. Ctrl+4 to turn that on and off.

Thanks, but Ctrl+4 doesn’t seem to do anything.
This is really annoying.
Closing and opening the program doesn’t make any difference.
I could re install, but I am scared I will lose data, even though it is all backed up.
Maybe back it up to an external HD…
Any other suggestions?

Do you have the footer hidden entirely by any chance? Alt+Down (or View | Layout | Show/Hide Footer View) to toggle that on and off.

Your files are stored separately from the application, so you shouldn’t lose anything if you did reinstall.

Yes that was it! Thanks!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Hetty