Where do attached files live?

I’m using Scrivener with a Dropbox folder so I can sync with iPad (index card, text, etc.)

My project is multimedia-heavy and I’m attaching files to relevant draft chapters and notes sections. I’m also collaborating with a university class who is contributing video, audio and photos to the project.

My intent was to share certain Dropbox folders with my collaborators so they could pull out files on a read-only basis.

But as I drill down into my folders inside dropbox, I don’t see any of the media files I’ve affiliated. Where do those “live” in my file system? Is that configurable?

Media isn’t going to come through with this mechanism, as it is purely designed to provide access to the text content of individual pieces of the outliner. Media files in the outliner will be ignored. If they are pasted inline into the documents, then you could use RTF to make them available to others—however you would then be unable to really use the feature with your iPad as there are no RTF editors that work with Dropbox on that platform, unfortunately.

While it doesn’t synchronise things automatically, the best way to produce material for others to reference is probably the File/Export/Files... command. Using that you can select portions of the binder and export it out to standard files and folders. This will export everything in the binder, including media. Sort order will of course be alphabetical, and there will be a necessary compromise when it comes to container text as Scrivener allows you to type directly into folders and files with sub-documents (like “Plan Fund”). So you’ll get a Finder folder, and then a text file beneath that folder with the textual content of it.

In other words, you probably wouldn’t want to use this method to collaborate—you could, but it would require manual labour to get the edits back into the outline. But for sharing research data with non-Scrivener users, it is very effective.