Where do Dropbox projects save/sync?

Hi. I was having a look in my Dropbox folder online and noticed that the scrivener projects folder, which has always been where scrivener syncs to, on Windows and iOS, only has scriv files as being last modified 20/7, the day scrivener iOS was released.

It may be a bit lame of me, but it induced a bit of concern - I mean, my files are all working and syncing across two iPads etc and were on Windows before I ditched my laptop… It’s just I don’t know how or where to as all my files seem to be last modified prior to using iOS. I can see that there are a couple of files in the mobile folder that were modified recently. I’m assuming it’s some coding magic to do with this - maybe those mobile files change things in the scriv files without scriv files showing as being modified?

Sorry for being a bit geeky, it’s just the amount of writing I have syncing, it would give me a bit of peace of mind to know for sure which files in Dropbox they are, what’s going on really in the process.


If you look at the scrivx “file” you are actually seeing a package/folder which was created when you created the project. The files inside the project change, but not the project in itself, so to speak. If you create a folder, the folder doesn’t change even if the files inside the folder are changed, right?

Ahh, thanks… I think it was the date that threw me of 20/7. I was thinking that was a last saved date as in the last time I saved on Windows before switching to iOS. But perhaps it’s actually the first time I saved when switching to iOS?

It’s the date when you created the project in that particular folder.

I created the project in that folder years ago so it’s not that. When I switched to iOS, I synced to the scrivener projects folder I’d been using for years. So maybe this changes the save date to the first time you synced via scrivener iOS as though it’s a newly created project?

You probably updated, using the new version of Scrivener on your desktop, right?

Sorry for slow reply. :slight_smile: I would have done the Windows update with the new version of scrivener - although it might have been a few days earlier than scrivener iOS came out I’m not sure, may not have. Why do you think this would be the reason for the last modified date on the scriv files rather than my first mobile sync with iOS scrivener?

The pre-iOS Scrivener update of the Mac and Windows versions made a slight change to the project format to support iOS. This update may have been the cause of the folder-level date change.


Ah thanks… I’m pretty certain this isn’t the cause though. :slight_smile: I checked and there are years old created scrivx files, that I changed recently and show that as the last modified date in Dropbox. These dates are from June, April etc this year - way before Windows scrivener’s update came out. The very latest modified date is 20/7 when iOS scriv came out.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

I checked my own Dropbox online and there is no “modified” date given for neither folder nor .scriv projects, so I wonder where you are looking?

Edit: ok, I see where you are looking.

A better question might be - are you looking in the right folder? Did you move, copy or “Save as…” to the folder where iOS Scriv saves the projects?

Yeah, that’s why I’m a bit, not worried exactly but slightly disconcerted.

I just began working on iOS scrivener, and selected the scrivener projects folder on Dropbox to sync to, that I had always synced to from Windows scriv. I think the biggest indication as to what’s going on is that the final save date on projects I am currently working on is 20/7, the day I got iOS scrivener.

I wonder if I open a new project on iOS scriv and check beforehand when the modified date is on Dropbox… Then modify in iOS scriv and see if the date is today…

Ps. If anyone knows this, sorry for slight tangent, but if I want to rename one of my scrivener projects, how do I go about doing that? I can find no setting so assume I have to change either the scriv filename, or the scrivx filename within it… But then I’m worried that will mess up where I’m syncing to, if it’s syncing to the previously named folder. Cry.

Renaming: I just tap-hold on the project name and a dialogue appears, asking for new name.

And by the way, the modified-date for the .scrivx file for the renamed project did not change. :wink:

Yeah haha I just changed a few details within a scriv project, via iOS scrivener, I hadn’t edited in a long long time. The last modified date on scriv file was months ago beforehand, in Dropbox.

When I looked back on Dropbox, the date was still months ago on the scriv file for last modified, but there was a ‘mobile’ folder with some stuff, not a scriv file, inside. So that shows iOS is syncing to this folder,

So why then is it that I have several current projects with last modified dates of 20/7? I understand the reasoning behind this being faux creation of new project files by latest Windows update to scrivener… But I just can’t work out why I have other projects, in this case, with a last modified date of June, or April 2016, which is before that update, when those projects were created year or more before.

Ps. Thanks for the renaming tip!

Not sure why you are so freaked by this, since you have, I take it, already confirmed your changes are indeed being synced as expected, but in a friendly concession to nervousness:

Every system that manages files and folders must make some decision about when to change the modification date of a folder. Judging by how operating systems do this there is so practical tradeoff involved, so you don’t get a change in datestamp every time anything anywhere inside changes.

There is no reason to think Dropbox’s decision on this will correspond to your intuitions or match your os’s own decision on this.

Check the creation and modification dates of your projects on your Windows machine directly.

I have projects which Dropbox tells me were last modified two and four months ago, but my Mac reports much more accurate and recent dates, though even those do not correspond to the last time I synced changes.

My advice: forgetaboutit!

I think you’re right, though to reiterate I’m not freaked out, but slightly disconcerted, obviously due to the enormous quantity and personal value of the work this business of the last modified dates refers to, and knowing for certain where it’s being saved to and when.

I am sure you’re right, it’s not worth worrying about, I just posted seeking an explanation and there has yet to be one confirmed for a slight concern regarding my files being saved to where I think they are, when I think they are. I’m sure systems have vagaries in the last modified date shown… In which case, I would like to know why there is this consistency in showing 20/7, the date iOS scrivener was issued, as the last modified date on current projects. What it means. If it’s all random, this consistency wouldn’ exist, and there must be an explanation for it. That’s all. The latest update to Windows scriv being responsible seems most likely.

I don;'t think knowing when and where you’re files are being saved is too outlandish. I’m not on the phone to the Samaritans about it or anything, perched atop the sill of the top floor window. :smiley: I’m just curious and it would be nice to know.

Ah, WHERE they are saved is easily answered: on your computer, on your iOS device, and on the Dropbox server. WHEN is also easily answered: when you save them on each machine.

This would be a good time to check to make sure desktop Scrivener is making automatic backups on a schedule that makes sense for you, which you can do using the Backups pane in Preferences (or Tools on a Windows system).

It’s also a good time to confirm that your other backup tools are working as expected. For critical work, I would recommend backing up to at least an external hard drive and an offsite backup service. (Note that Dropbox alone is generally not sufficient protection: it’s too easy to modify the backup files.)

The other thing to check is to make sure that the files you’re seeing in Dropbox are the ones that you’re actually modifying. Make an easily recognizable change to the iOS project, synchronize it back to the desktop, and then open the project via Windows Explorer, rather than the Scrivener Recent Projects list.


Sorry, yeah i understand this. Just very strange that it shows 20/7 as the last modified date on files that were created years before and last modified much later. That is what sowed a very slight seed of doubt (very very slight) as to the location. If it’s because the updated Windows scrivener created pseudo new files I understand. But I also have projects that were created years ago, and yet show a last modified date of April, which is before the update came out, meaning it can’t be responsible.

That’s the whole thing simplified, for my own sake after the convolutions of the thread. :slight_smile: And no ones been able to answer it so it’s something of a mystery. Perhaps it has been answered in a combination of replies: maybe there were previous updates to Windows scriv, in April for example that had the same effect. Or perhaps it’s just some weird inconsistency in giving a last modified date, coupled with the later Windows update to scriv creating pseudo new files. It doesn’t matter I expect, was just very curious.

You’re still missing the point. Did you follow Gr’s advice and look at the files on your desktop?

Not really, you’ve just been unable to answer the question. It’s a bit sad you’ve taken that tone. It’s ok that you’ve been unable to answer the question. Yes I did, though I’m not sure it’s relevant to the specific question related to the inconsistencies on how I’m seeing dates modified being shown, purely within iOS, by checking Dropbox in safari.