Where do I change the default comment text?

Hello there

Kudos on creating software that is often more intuitive to my needs than SWMBO, once you get past the learning curve. Then again, there was quite a learning curve to SWMBO as well. :laughing:

Is there any way to change the default comment? I would prefer it to be blank, not enter my name and the time/date.

Many thanks

Thanks! Glad to hear the learning process goes well.

New comments should in fact be effectively blank in their usage. Are you not getting the placeholder text pre-selected so that you can just start typing and overwrite it? It’s actually easier to treat a new comment as blank, than to preserve the placeholder as you have to arrow out of the select state before typing, normally anyway. Let me know if for some reason that isn’t selecting for you.

Thank you for the prompt reply.

While you are correct about things being “effectively” blank, that doesn’t always work for me. I sometimes click away from a comment before typing, and am then left with the default when I return. It has happened frequently enough that it is irritating.

Is there anywhere I can turn it off?


In that case, no there isn’t a way to dodge it being there. Sorry about that.

See? That’s what you get for making exquisite software.

Country bumpkins using your carefully crafted watchmaker tools as bludgeons, with all the abandon of a Viking in battle.

Thanks for responding!