Where Do I Write The Chapters?


New boy here.

Silly question perhaps: where do I actually type the chapters of my book?

Many thanks


You create a document or documents in the Binder, and type there.

If you haven’t already, you might want to take a look at the Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu.


Thank you for your response.

Let me be more precise in my question.

I have written the scenes which appear below the chapter folders and I can view these when clicking on the centre icon from Group Mode.
Now, in Group Mode, do I use the left most icon to write in the editor - is this writing the actual chapter and not the notes (scenes) for the chapter?
Although the Header section still has Chapter 1 followed by the name of the scene at the top.
I have looked at the tutorials but could not find the appropriate video/section that would directly address my question.

Thanks again.


In Scrivenings Mode, you can write in either the top level chapter folder or the individual scenes, depending on where you put the cursor. I would need to see a screenshot to answer the question for this specific case.