Where do these counts come from?!

Hi, in the attached image you’ll see some of my document organisation from Scrivener. As you can see, I have ‘folders’ for chapters/sub-chapters and the documents inside. I have defined targets for the documents (right column) and then it shows me the actual count (second from right).

What I can’t understand is where the folder target is coming from, as I don’t recall defining these and they have no apparent relationship to the defined document targets. They are not a sum of the document targets within the folder.

So, where are they coming from? How I define them? It is very confusing to see them and think I’m not hitting targets.


“Total Target” will add up the targets of subdocuments and display the sum, with any target you supply to the container itself applied in addition to that value.

By example: “Introduction” has a Total Target of 7,300 words, because it has (600+750+900+400+325+250+575) + 3500 assigned to it: or 3,800 words coming from its subdocuments and 3,500 coming from itself (you can verify it has a specific goal added to it in the Target column).

On the other hand “Process of Design” has no individual target applied to the folder (0 in that column), but it includes a 22,500 target for the Approaches section (which is itself 7(1500)+12000), as well as the 4,000 for the two blue documents (and presumably a little more, lower on the screen that what we can see).

So you could probably solve most of your problems by removing the targets from your containers: the 3500 and 12000 that we can see here.

Thank you.

That makes complete sense.

Seems I was little over-zealous in defining targets for everything.