Where do these .DS_Store files come from

(I am getting better at this–I totally LOVE Scrivener, even as a nongeek luddite!)

I am gleefully importing everything from my documents and I notice that often the first file that turns up in Scrivener is gibberish called .DS_Store that doesn’t seem to correspond to anything in my original files. So I have just been moving them to the trash. Is that okay? Am I somehow going to crash my whole system? And what are the little devils, anyway?

I remain THRILLED with the program, and am foisting in on all my family.


These files are created by the Mac. They are essentially mini-preference files for the stuff inside of the folder where they reside. They hold information such as whether or not icon view or list view is set, and so on. Deleting them from the Finder does nothing except reset these few preferences. In general, you will want to keep them in place. Where you want to remove them is in situations where you are sending files to PC users, or burning a CD-ROM, but even then it is not necessary. It is just that they are not hidden as they are in the Finder, so they can be confusing and annoying to other users. Kind of like when you get a CD of images from a PC user and it has a thumbs.db file in every directory.

Deleting them in Scrivener is perfectly safe! They do nothing except clutter up your outlines.

Thanks, Av! I did just delete them from Scrivener–I don’t even see them on my Finder, so wouldn’t have a clue how to delete them from there.