Where do we go from here?

DSCF0020.jpgWhere do we go from here?
Do we smile as we pass and leave it there?
A secret act of self oppression.
Or do we present our skeletons?
Bare bones.
Strong but somehow fragile.

Do we find a way to bridge the void?

In your arms,
surrounded by the chaos of our lips and hands and limbs
Wrestling each other to be closer
I was somehow overcome.

“Lord let me be tender”
I begged inside
“Lord let us be warm”

And in the eye of the storm
I found a tiny pocket-mirror
Reflecting my face truthfully.
And, confronted with myself,
I learned to listen to my own prayers.

I felt neglected, strangly.

And the night I slept in your arms,
waking occasionally to kiss your face.

I found myself,
beneath the layers.
-Sebastian English

very well done.

this is gonna sound strange: but that is what goes through my own head quite often.

“Lord let me be tender”
I begged inside

i liked how you used begged…it sounds…desperate i guess.

i just don’t get the last stanza: layers of what? yourself? your relationship?

but i really liked it!

PS: i didn’t know if you wanted a critique of your work… but i really liked it and wanted to express my thoughts…


Pisces - my birthday’s a week today actually.