Where do you store your projects?

Hi! I am new to Scrivener and the Forum. I love it and expect it to be a permanent part of my toolkit. I am old school and have always considered my desktop hard drive to be where my “Stuff” resides. I want to use Scrivener on my Windows Desktop to create projects that I will access on my Ipad using DropBox.
So where should I save my project to? (Yeah, that is a preposition.)
Should my project permanently reside on my Desktop or on DropBox?
If it is Desktop, what is the best way to ensure that the DropBox version is appropriately sync’d?


The best way to make sure the Dropbox version is appropriately synced is to save the project in the Dropbox folder. This will place a copy both on the local hard drive and on the Dropbox server.

It would be wise to also arrange a backup to some non-Dropbox location, such as an external hard drive.

As @kewms said, if you want to sync your projects between devices, you’ll need to save your projects in Dropbox, particularly if you are syncing with the iOS app. You’ll need the Dropbox app installed on your computer and to connect the Scrivener app on your iPad to your Dropbox account.

I’d then set your automatic backups (File → Options → Backups) to go to your local computer, such as your Documents folder, so you have a local set of files to fall back on if you ever have issues with Dropbox sync. And of course, you’ll want to back up your entire computer, including your Scrivener files, regularly to an external drive or other backup method of choice.

Just to be clear, BigJohn, your “Dropbox folder” is just an ordinary folder on your computer’s internal harddrive that the installed Dropbox app is watching. The Dropbox app runs in the background and syncs whatever you put in that folder to a Dropbox server in the cloud. So, your scrriv project in your Dropbox Folder is still right on your harddrive, but it is a sync target for the Dropbox app running in the background (which thus has read/write permission on it). So, once you are set up, syncing is transparent to the user.

iOS Scrivener has dropbox-ability built in and so can be set up to look to what is on that Dropbox server under your account and sync with it.

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Thank you for the replies. I have a much better understanding now and can proceed in confidence my work will be safe.