Where does PDF document title come from during export?


When I compile my Scrivener document and save the result to a PDF file, the save dialog includes a place to put PDF document meta-information: a title, author, subject, and keywords. Scrivener pre-fills the Title and Author fields.

Where does Scrivener get the values it uses for those fields? I’m working with a Scrivener project that I duplicated from a prior project, and then heavily modified. Whenever I compile and save to PDF, Scrivener suggests a PDF title that was appropriate to the prior project, but not to this one. So, although I’ve changed every bit of information I can find everywhere in the project to reflect the “new” project, somewhere it’s still stashed an “old” title that gets used here. I just can’t find where that’s stored.

Any suggestions?

You’re referring to the “Save as PDF…” button from the print dialogue? That is a universal Mac feature. Try printing this thread from Safari, you’ll see the same exact panel, with the title of the page chosen as the suggested title for the file name that will be saved, and the Title using that suggested file name. As for your name, they are probably doing the same thing Scrivener does, using your Contacts database to get the name out of your designated “Me” card.

So it sounds to me as though you might need to update the name of your project on the disk (while the project is closed, to be safe).

By the way, why not use the “PDF” compile option? It’s a bit more powerful in what it can do, and Scrivener will handle the meta-data automatically, based on the settings in Project/Meta-Data Settings… panel, or as the title is overridden in the Meta-Data compile option pane.

Hi, and thanks for the reply.

Actually, I am using the “PDF” option from Compile.

Also, the document title being suggested is not the name of the file on ask, although it is the name the original file that I duplicated and modified. So, somewhere in Scrivener the original file name was grabbed and stashed, and now I can’t find where.

Any other thoughts?

Update: I found it. Project menu, Meta-Data Settings. Dang. I’d been looking all over the File menu and the various parts of the Compile dialog.