Where does the TOC come from?

I’ve been playing around with the formatting of my ebook. (Mobi). The Section Layout that seems to work best for me is the “Numbered Chapter” with the clean section break before each new section of text. I currently have my chapter titles written out at the top of each Text file.

When I compile, everything looks great, except the TOC. That compiles something like this…


Where the second number in each row is a hyperlink to the chapter.

I’m not even sure where this TOC structure is coming from. I do have a text file in my “Front Matter” section. However, I’m not including it in the compile because I get an error when I do. (I created it using the Copy-Special function.) . The compiler doesn’t seem to like that. If I create a version of the TOC that was just a standard copy/paste, the compiler doesn’t error out, but it still produces the format mentioned above.

At this point, I’m wondering, where is the compiler getting the TOC from and how do I change that?


I found the section within the compiler that allows you to check “Generate XML TOC” where you can specify the page name. I thought for sure this would be my solution. However, when I run the compile, I now get 2 TOCs and neither of them look right, They both look a lot like the one that I mentioned in the original post.

Scrivener’s compile process is probably taking the document name from the binder, which you may not have specified, or which you just numbered. What happens if you rename your first chapter to the actual name you’re putting in the text?

Thanks rdale.

What’s interesting is that scrivener does’t seem to be using the tiles from the binder. It’s auto-generating a number and then just putting the number and not the full title. I actually want it to use the full title.

I would love it if the TOC looked like this…

  1. ABC
  2. CDE
  3. FGH

What’s actually happening is…

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3

Furthermore, I’m now getting two TOCs, which makes zero sense to me. It’s nutty.

Kindle reader apps create the toc automatically, based on where you have page breaks.