Where/how to plan the characters?

Just a newbie-question:

Whats is the best way oder place in Scrivener to plan the characters, thar are needed in a short story or a novel?
Other program like storymill has a special folder for it, and it is possible to link characters with scenes.

Looking forward to your answers.

Best regards from Switzerland.


You can create a Characters folder inside the Research folder, and add single documents for each character there.

To link characters and scenes, I suggest you use Keywords. Add to each scene the keywords corresponding to the characters in that scene. When you want to find all scenes where a character appears, do a search for the appropriate keyword.


Hi Paolo,

thanks for the tipp. I will try this just right now :slight_smile:

Best regards.

I checked and I found a better way:

Putting the characters in the resource is good. Each character has it’s own document.

But in the story I use Document References instead of keywords, so I can jump to my character, if I need to. :slight_smile: