Where I have been / history / breadcrumbs

I am working on a 200+ page work and I move around as various sources and topics go into different sections (“text items” in the Scrivener hierarchy) of the work. Then I want to go back to where I was two sections ago and I have to think through it all again to get back there - what source was I working with, what topic had I thought this related to, where on earth was I?

A history / breadcrumbs of something like the last 10 text items I clicked on would be very helpful.

Hopefully this isn’t a repeat request - I hand searched back several pages of the wish list and searched “history” and “bread crumbs”… I’m not sure what else one might have called this feature.

Does what you want…?

Oh, amen! Thank you for sorting me out!
Sigh, read the manual first… :blush:

Actually, just going through the tutorial will get you acquainted with a lot of useful user interface tricks and improve your learning curve. No need to read the whole 500 page manual at once.