Where is "Authorize Folder Access" in 2.5?

I am seeking to insert an image from a linked file (so it will update with my frequent small changes) in a Scrivener file. I have done the insert, however, it isn’t updating with changes, so I’m guessing Scrivener doesn’t have access to this folder (according to the manual). (I’ve saved the sketch in my Mac Pictures folder.)

The manual says 2.5 has a Scrivener > Authorize Folder Access menu choice. However, I don’t see this in the Scrivener menu and typing the phrase in the Help window doesn’t show it as part of any other menu.

Is it gone, or just hiding?

Is there some other way to set up the sketch so it will update in Scrivener when I make changes in Sketchbook? For example, if I save the sketch to Dropbox, will it show an updated view in the Scrivener file?

Thanks for your help.


Are you sure you are using the Mac App Store version of the software? This concept of giving software permission to use your computer is only applicable to stuff sold through the MAS. The direct-sale version does not have this menu command because there is no need for it. It uses the more traditional software model where programs can talk to each other and use each other’s data by default.

In fact the symptom of linking to an image the software does not have permission to access would be to not load it at all and just get a generic icon. I would guess that perhaps you are altering the image on the disk while Scrivener is open and just waiting for it to change in the editor? If so, that won’t happen as it caches the image during the session to save on resource usage. You’ll need to reload the project to see any changes.

lightbulb< Ah, thanks. No, it isn’t the App Store version. If that’s also in the manual, I missed it – I just searched for the topic “image”.

Thanks also for explaining how it works – I did expect it to reload while the project was open (sort of like Dropbox, constantly uploading and downloading changes).