Where is file stored?

I realizer that Scrivener backs up my work, and I tell it where to back it up. But is there a place where the current file I am working on is stored–not the backup? Or is this a matter of definition? Is “backup” the actual file I am working on, like in Word or something? Thank you.

When you created the project, you will have told Scrivener where to put it. Usually, this will be somewhere in your Documents folder. You can find it by searching with Finder.

The “backup” is completely separate from your live project.


Thanks, Katherine. But this is confusing because when I start a project, I am asked where to store a “backup”, and that’s it. So it leaves me wondering where the current or “live” file is…

Are you sure about this? When I start a new project in Scrivener, I’m asked to “Choose” a template. When I’ve chosen one, even just a blank template, my Documents folder then opens with the title “Untitled.scriv” in the name window of the file, inviting me to name it then save it (which I could then choose to do in an alternative folder). The decision on backups comes later, via the Backups Preference pane.

Could you send a screenshot of what you’re seeing, please?


Thanks! I think I see where I was a tad confused.