Where is Page View Mode?

I am using 3.0 for the first time. Under View, Zoom, “Fid Width” and “Fit Page” are greyed out. The manual says they are only available in “Page View Mode.” Where is Page View Mode? I spent a half hour looking through the manual trying to find out how to activate this mode. Tutorials (videos) say there are 4 modes, but none spoken of is the “Page View Mode.” Where is it? The three-button icon for the toolbar offers three different modes, yes, but once again, none of them is Page View Mode. Where is it? I really need “Fit Width” to be available while editing. Thanks.

View > Text Editing > Show Page View

To quickly find (most of the time) a menu item, key in relevant words at the Help menu search box and you’ll get a suggestion(s) in a dropdown. When you hover the cursor over one you get this:

I keyed in page v, hovered on the one suggestion then the pathway via the View menu was revealed (including the big blue arrow).

Page View is described in the manual at chapter 16.

Also can be added to the toolbar as an icon – which might want to do if this is a function you will be using a lot (and you like toolbars).

Here’s the trick that I use in situations like this: In the manual (in the Preview app) search for “page view” with quotes around that phrase. It doesn’t always work, but in this situation, it would have found it for you.

Thank you, everyone! Really appreciate the prompt responses, and it’s great to see that the community is thriving! I’ve been concentrating on writing my book for over a year, but now I need to get back with Scrivener in a serious way to prep partial manuscripts for copyright, book doctors, etc., so I’ll probably be back with Compilation questions. (I had an extremely hard time getting Compile to behave in 2.0.)

Random_pattern, please do try the Upgrade Guide, https://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener-3-update-guide. It’s a project like the Tutorial, but it goes into a lot more detail about the new compile. Believe me, compile in Scriv 3 is new. If you managed to beat Scriv 2 compile into submission, you’ll need to unlearn it, then learn the more powerful and somewhat easier new system. (Easier, that is, if you’re starting with Scriv 3. It’s has just enough similarity to Scriv 2 to… well, to thoroughly foul me up.) I budgeted a day to learn it. It was well worth it.

Also look for cross-references, if not in the paragraph, around it. Particularly in the back matter, where mention of a command is often tied to a longer chunk of documentation elsewhere, I try to liberally scatter cross-refs, so that you can in part use the preference and menu appendices as a topical index.

In this case, you would have been directed to Chapter 16, Page View, from the Fit Width menu command’s description.

This is exactly what I need! Thank you.