Where is $ProjectTitle, $fullname, etc. meta fields and how do I set them

When I set a document as a script writing, it says:

How To Use This Template
• Edit the “Title Page” document inside the “Front Matter” folder to ensure it contains the correct information.
⁃ “<$PROJECTTITLE>” and “<$fullname>” will be filled in during Compile if you fill in the Metadata pane of the Compile panel, or you can just replace these tags with the title and name in the text document.

However, when I try to compile the project, I don’t see it. How/where do I set it up?

In the metadata pane in Compile:


In Windows v3.01, the metadata page is found by doing File/Compile, then clicking the tiny little thing on the 3rd panel, the right side, that looks like a tag. I would call these “tags”, not metadata and the icon seems to agree with me.