Where is Scrivener's Notification Centre Sound Located?


I asked this question two years ago and couldn’t get an answer. Hoping now there’s more users on here someone might have figured it out.

When Scrivener reaches its session target set within the Project Targets, it sends a notification to the Notification Centre with a banner:

And plays a nail-bitingly awful tri-tone sound.

I thought the sound was located here:


But it’s not. The reason I know that is I’ve deleted that file, rebooted, and the danging thing still plays!

Can anyone tell me where this awful tri-tone sound is located? I’d like to replace it with something else before I go crazy every time I reach my daily target.

Thanks! You have NO idea how much your help would be appreciated. You would be saving a writer from being taken away by the men in white coats and popped in a padded cell where she’ll bang her head against the fabric walls crying out that tri-tone sound for all eternity!