Where is the ruler on Scrivener for iPad?


Is there a ruler on scrivener for iPad? I cant find it.


Yeah I’d like to know too.

I don’t think so. You can set the fonts, size, indents, text alignment, and line / paragraph spacing using the Formatter (paint brush) on the menu bar. Anything more complicated than that has to be set up on the desktop (Mac or Windows), I think.

Brookter is correct. There is no ruler in Scrivener for iOS.

If you need to adjust indents for your text, you can open the formatting palette (using the paintbrush icon) and navigate to the ‘Indents’ tab, then adjust the paragraph indents and first-line indents there.

Yeah, to confirm, the text editor Apple provides to developers doesn’t actually have a ruler, nor does it support setting tab stops, which is for the most part what you would need one for, with the existing tools for adjusting the indent settings.