Where is the .scriv file saved from iOS version?

I frequently jump between iOS and Windows to edit my project. It hasn’t been an issue before. The file is housed on Dropbox. I always close out and fully sync both devices before I switch.

Fast forward. It’s been about a month since I last opened the project on my PC. I’ve been exclusively editing on the iPad for a while due to travel. Everything is updated. Dropbox shows my very latest changes. But…there’s no .scriv file in the project folder anymore. I tried to open it from Scrivener, and there wasn’t a file to click (just a lot of .txt files and empty folders). The same is true on Dropbox online; it’s not just failing to appear on my PC.

So my question is…

Is there any reason my project would not be saving with a .scriv file?

I would think it’s a sync issue, BUT, I used “send a copy” from the iOS app and sent it to myself via email. When I unzipped, the .scriv file wasn’t anywhere to be found. I created a test project on my PC, and it had a .scrivx file (which I assume is the new .scriv) that MY project is missing.

Is there any way to get this to work? My file is 150k words, an the edits from the past month have been in a ton of different locations. There’s no way to simply redo them on PC. (There are also tons of other files–so compiling it and starting a new file on the PC would also be a nightmare.)

Any help would be great.

To compare between my file and the test file, this is what I see in the list when I open MY folder:
[folder] Files
[folder] Mobile
[folder] Quicklook
[folder] Settings
[folder] Snapshots

This is what I see in the text project folder I created on PC:
[folder] Files
[folder] Icons
[folder] Settings
[folder] Snapshots
[file] Text.scrivx

TL;DR - My folder is syncing from iOS, but doesn’t contain the .scriv(x?) file I need to open it on PC. Much panic.


Did you check if your accountsettings in the dropboxes on iOS and PC are the same?
I had a similar problem untill I compared my dropboxes’ settings. So I synced my dropboxes: problem resolved!

See: dropbox.com/help/mobile/unl … ter-mobile

Hope that helps.

.scriv is the folder that holds the complete project and the .scrivx is the file you open on a PC. Just navigate to the project.scriv folder using the Open comand on the PC Scrivener and inside it you should see the project.scrivx file. :slight_smile: