where is the scrivener folder in the Mac

the scrivener windows has a folder, with some settings (Backups, Compile Settings, layouts, Project Templates, userlock.id…)

where is the same folder in the mac hard disk?

I presume you arrived at this folder using the Scrivener ▸ Reveal Support Folder in Finder menu command. If not, use that first as it is the easiest way to get there.

Now for a basic Mac trick that works in almost every window that is tied back to a folder or file: Cmd-click on the window title, where the name of the folder or file is printed: and there you go, an ascending list of folders that represents the full path for the thing you’re looking at. You can select any of those to jump straight to that folder. This works for Scrivener project windows as well (helping you locate the project), etc.

I think the only exception are those document editors that use the newer interface in the window title bar. You can spot the difference by a downward facing chevron beside the name. You just click on those (getting the path is unfortunately an extra step once you’re in there) instead of Cmd-clicking. One important difference: it’s not a reference tool. If you select another folder from that tool it will actually move the file.

thank you
I achieved with your help.