Where is the template I saved?

So far Scrivener has been really user friendly and I have been able to figure out everything very easily, but I recently tried to make a template and it didn’t seem to work. I fallowed the instructions on numerous blogs to click-- Save as Template-- to the Save As Template box. I carefully filled in the box Title/Category/Description and selected a generic Icon. Then I pushed --Okay–, but now when I open the New Project box under Fiction (or any other genera) I do not see a new Template with the name I saved. In fact there are no new Templates at all.

Would my Template be in a different place?

Thank you

What did you call the template? There’s a bug where including invalid filename characters will just silently fail to save the template, so that might be what you’re seeing. The template should be in the New Project window as you expect, under whatever category you used when saving it. Try also closing and restarting Scrivener–there’ve been a couple reports where the template didn’t show immediately but did appear after a restart.

The invalid file name was the problem and the Template has now saved. Thank you so much. :smiley: