Where is the tutorial project for 2.0?

I started right in on my older project but the more I watch the tutorial videos on Youtube, the more I think it would be smart to do the tutorial project. But now I can’t find it! (NaNoWriMo preview version.) Where is the tutorial stored so that I can open it in 2.0? (Which is SO SO GOOD, by the way!)

It’s under Help.

I’m on the Tutorial project, but it’s stuck on What’s New in 2.0 - how can I get the full tutorial back?

Click on the word binder above or below the what’s new in 2.0 tab. When you haven’t played with colors yet, it is hard to see.


Could you define “stuck” a bit better? I can think of about 12 different features offhand that might make things feel stuck. Describe what you are doing, and how the result of that action differs from what you were doing before. Common snafus:

  1. Make sure you editor header bar isn’t reddish; if it is, click on the icon next to the title and disabled “Lock in Place”
  2. Can you see the entire binder in the sidebar? If no, click the little ‘x’ button in the lower-right corner of the binder

Thank you!

Clicking the x at the foot of the binder brought up the whole thing.

Just out of interest, how do I make the editor header bar go reddish, and why would I want to do that?

Joining in the cheers for the new Scrivener - a huge thank you for wonderful Scrivener.

Opt-Cmd-L, or View/Editor/Lock in Place.

It’s quite useful if you wish to navigate around in the binder without disturbing what you’ve set up in the editor. Say you’ve got a bunch of Scrivenings going on that took about 10 clicks to set up, and suddenly think of something you want to check in another part of the outline. Just lock the editor, jump over in the Binder, select it, and hit spacebar to open it in a QuickReference window.