Where is the word count shown?

I’m brand new to Scrivener, and am working through the tutorial. It tells me that in the footer there is the amount of zoom (yes, there is) and there should be a live word count - I have nothing. There is nothing in the footer except the zoom showing. Is this a setting that I haven’t found yet? I haven’t changed any settings since installing it.

How do I get the word count to show in the footer please?

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Never mind - it appears (pun not intended) that the word count does not show when reading the ‘Footer View’ document. As soon as I go to another document it shows up.

Actually, it should show in the Footer View document of the tutorial; it does for me anyhow. :confused:

Not on mine. I found it when I clicked onto the next document in the series and it appeared. When I went back to Footer View document it vanished again.

Strange :confused:

Out of curiosity, if you select Part 1: Basics, then go into outline view, and enable the “Word Count” column, does that view show a number for the Footer View document? (see Step 10: Outliner to learn how to do all that).

If you go to Tools->Save and Rebuild Search Indexes, does it then display the word and character counts in the footer of “Footer View”?

Is this tutorial newly created, or have you been working on it since before the last Scrivener update or two? Maybe something about the update mucked something up?

If none of the above works, try making a small change to the document, like typing in the yellow-highlighted area, for instance. Does that make any difference?

Yes, that shows it in the main screen area, not the footer area

No, still not showing when I’ve got the Footer View document open

I’m not certain. I downloaded Scrivener and installed it. When I opened it for the first time it said there was an update, so I downloaded and installed that, then started working through the tutorial. However, I did use Scrivener many years ago (eight years?), so I can’t be certain if there were old files on my system or not. I would have thought I’d cleaned the computer, included at least one full system reformat, since I used Scrivener, but I can’t be certain.

No, not in the Footer View document. As soon as I move to any other document, both before and after it, the word count appears. Which is annoying, as the Footer View is the one which talks about the word count!