Where is Update located in Scrivener? 2.6 -> 2.7

I feel so stupid. I cannot find my serial number. I have went to the web site, asked for my order number, and have not received anything. It has been a couple hours.

I read that I could simply go into Scrivener someplace and click on Update, and it would update itself automatically. Great, except that I can not find a button for this - anywhere. I have googled it, I have searched the manual ( it might be there, but my search could not find it), and I have looked and looked.

I bought two scriveners. One for my mac and one for my windows laptop, before I new that one license would have worked. I even paid full price for the mac version and I bought the windows one on sale.

Please help me figure this out.


In the Scrivener menu (right next to the Apple logo) “Check for Updates…”

You can also download the update from our site, here:

Note that the project format has changed. To continue to work on both Mac and Windows with the new format, you’ll need to install the Scrivener for Windows beta, available here: